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Kenya - The Jewel of East Africa

Giraffe in Kenya Giraffe in Kenya ned benjamin

Have you been to Kenya? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a country that is regarded as the ‘jewel of East Africa’. After all, this is the only country in the region with the most advanced tourism infrastructure region. In the case of Kenya, numbers speak volumes. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world make a point of visiting the country for a closer interaction with Kenya’s various tourist attractions. Ask any of them and they will tell you they have never been disappointed. In fact, many of them visit Kenya year-in-year-out.

Some of the major tourist attractions in Kenya include wildlife safaris and national parks. In fact, anyone looking to go to Africa for a safari vacation goes to Kenya. Why shouldn’t that be the case? Kenya is home to over 50 national parks and game reserves. That includes the six Indian Ocean marine parks.

Wildlife enthusiasts cannot find a better place to visit than Kenya. So why don’t you plan for the world-famous Kenyan safari? That’s the best opportunity you will get to explore the beautiful wild and wilderness across the country. Some of the must-see national parks include the world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo National Park, Amboseli National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, Aberdare National Park, and Samburu National Reserve.

Go and watch the annual wildebeest migration from Masai Mara to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. That is something you should do, at least once in a lifetime. The good this is that there are several tour operators who can arrange for a suitable safari for you. To get the best of Kenya, make sure you arrange for a luxury safari.

Kenya is for sure, the land of great wonders. You don’t have to mention the numerous tourist attractions in Kenya. All you have to do it to set out on a journey to this East African country to get a package that’s just right for you. Of course, it is not just about world-famous national parks. Try taking in the picturesque mountain scenery, immaculate beaches complete with coral reefs, extensive savannah grasslands, and breathtaking deserts and lakes. As anyone who has been to Kenya and they will tell you a tour of this country comes as a full package. There are a number of first-class tourist lodges and hotels in the national parks and cities where you can put up for a night or more.

Just what is it that drives your adrenaline levels high? Is it the exciting wildlife? Some tourists have fallen in love with the rugged beauty of Kenya while others cannot get enough of the unique tribal culture. A trip to Kenya is unlikely to be erased from your memory anytime soon. Like many who have come before you, don’t be surprised if you decide never to return home.

Why don’t you make Kenya the next destination for a trip abroad? Kenya is a place like no other. You only need to see how high it ranks as a destination for a safari to appreciate its worth.